The Joyful Journey continues

Bishop David Bard brings some aspirational actions taken by the 2019 Michigan Annual Conference into clearer focus, as the journey toward the 2020 UMC General Conference continues to move forward … Emails and letters I’ve received in recent weeks, along with observations made to me by district superintendents, lead me to think that some of… Continue Reading The Joyful Journey continues

Surf’s up

Reflecting on scripture and a classic rock song, Bishop David Bard invites everyone into God’s creative work in the world and in the church …

Seeing differently

Bishop David Bard asks God to give everyone new eyes; eyes for seeing beyond racism to respond to parents and their children at the U.S.-Mexico border in a new light … The wedding service had ended. Pictures had been taken, including a few along the shores of Lake Superior on a beautiful day. Our daughter… Continue Reading Seeing differently

Life flows on

In this month’s, Joyful Journey blog, Bishop David Bard suggests that the “ordinary time” of summer is an opportunity to remember that life and ministry go on … On June 6, United Methodist theologian, Schubert Ogden died. He was 91. Ogden taught for many years at Southern Methodist University (SMU) where he was also a… Continue Reading Life flows on

Unfinished business of AC 2019

Home from Annual Conference, Bishop David Bard actions taken at the 2019 session and reflects on what is yet unfinished as United Methodists move forward toward the 2020 General Conference …

Getting ready for Annual Conference

In the May edition of his blog, A Joyful Journey, Bishop David Bard remembers his first ever Annual Conference in 1983 and reflects on the upcoming 2019 Michigan Annual Conference …   It was 1983, and I was headed for my first ever United Methodist Annual Conference (this one in Minnesota). I was a seminary… Continue Reading Getting ready for Annual Conference

Hope caked with mud

Bishop David Bard anticipates Easter blessings and talks about grief and hope in this month’s edition of A Joyful Journey … But we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers and sisters, about those who have died, so that you may not grieve as others do who have no hope. I Thessalonians 4:13 First… Continue Reading Hope caked with mud

A journey in ashes

“I invite you, on the heels of General Conference, to observe a holy Lent,” says Michigan Bishop David Bard. His counsel, “slow down and dig deep” in this uncertain time …  If you are taking time to read this, you may be expecting another word about the recently completed special session of the General Conference… Continue Reading A journey in ashes

A Joyful Journey

In this month’s blog, The Joyful Journey, Bishop David A. Bard remembers a Grammy-winning song and views the 2019 General Conference as a tapestry rich in the love of God …

New Year’s message from Bishop Bard

With the 2019 General Conference now just six weeks away, Bishop David Bard offers The Michigan Area hope-filled New Year’s greetings and counsel …

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